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Weave In

Are you interested in being more involved in Woven?
Come find out how.

Thursday, January 11th, 2024
Campbell Community Center
155 High St. Eugene, OR

Woven is opening to our community with an invitation for greater involvement and a deeper relationship. Join us to learn more about Woven, our purpose, where we’ve been, and what is to come.

We hope to inspire our larger community and magnetize those who feel ready to be part of our ongoing work at various levels.

Come prepared for multi-sensory engagement.

A warm winter beverage will be provided. 

Past Events
Community Song Circle 
| Nov 2023
Book of Secrets | April 2023
Communal Grief Retreat | Feb 2023
YOU'nity Dance Gathering | Nov 2022
Healing at the Roots - Group Singing | Nov 2022
BEAM Installation | Oct 2022
Serious Business Clowning Workshop | Oct 2022
Serious Business Clowning Workshop | July 2022
Dance Gathering  |  May 2022
Boutique Garage Sale Fundraiser  |  May 2022
Design: LCC Refuge: Respite & Recovery | Feb 2022
WOVEN Film Festival | Nov-Dec-Jan 2021/2022
Trauma Healing Workshop | Oct 2021
Boutique Garage Sale Fundraiser | Sept 2021
Douglas Cardinal World Views Talk | Aug 2021

Want to get involved? Find out how here.

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