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Resonance Flow

A Book of Secrets Workshop

OSLP Arts & Culture

110 E 11th Ave, Suite C

Dec 11th, 2022

@ 2:00pm - 5:00pm

“A Book of Secrets” is a book of process artwork and words that was created as a part of a daily creative practice in concert with a moon cycle during Scorpio season 2021. And it is potent! The work was created in relationship with the mystery inside a resonance field. 


Angela asks us to "call the creative self home." The Resonance Flow process combines centering through meditation and prompts for creative expression. This experience can offer access to your innermost chambers. It's an opportunity to reveal your own mysteries. Woven's care team supports  any moments that feel larger than you can hold on your own.

The Resonance Flow workshop presents the core components of this daily creative practice. You'll begin with a guided meditation and then express what wants to come through using an art medium of your choice. 

Facilitated by Angela Norman

Scholarships available, contact

Workshop Registration

December 11th

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Consider paying FULL PRICE

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  • not taken a vacation or time off due to the financial burden.