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 Conversations on Communal Grieving

As an organization committed to inviting people into

experiences that nurture individual and community wholeness,

we are hosting a series of conversations about


Why discuss communal grieving? 

  • We believe that the parts of ourselves that carry grief, when integrated, can become allies in our individual and collective journeys of wholeness. 

  • We believe that grief is one of the most universal of human experiences and that sharing grief can support healing, connection, and aliveness. 

  • We understand that the idea of communal grieving brings up very valid fears and that each person’s ideal supportive grief space is unique to them. 

Whether this topic feels new to you,

if you have direct experience with communal grieving, 

or are somewhere in between,

you are invited to this conversation. 

Past Events
Weave In Gathering | Jan 2024
Community Song Circle | Nov 2023
Book of Secrets | April 2023
Communal Grief Retreat | Feb 2023
YOU'nity Dance Gathering | Nov 2022
Healing at the Roots - Group Singing | Nov 2022
BEAM Installation | Oct 2022
Serious Business Clowning Workshop | Oct 2022
Serious Business Clowning Workshop | July 2022
Dance Gathering  |  May 2022
Boutique Garage Sale Fundraiser  |  May 2022
Design: LCC Refuge: Respite & Recovery | Feb 2022
WOVEN Film Festival | Nov-Dec-Jan 2021/2022
Trauma Healing Workshop | Oct 2021
Boutique Garage Sale Fundraiser | Sept 2021
Douglas Cardinal World Views Talk | Aug 2021

Want to get involved? Find out how here.

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