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WOVEN envisions a hub of community support where individuals experience belonging and wholeness, where curiosity is activated through multisensory and elemental creative exploration, where social service organizations work together to facilitate individual and societal transformation.



WOVEN's purpose is to empower individuals to discover and actualize wholeness through creative exploration, human connection, and community support.

Our future

In the long term, Woven's H.O.M.E. (Hub Of Multi-sensory Experience) will be a physical center located in Eugene, OR, where we partake in the paradigm shift toward personal and community wholeness.




Botanical gardens filled with food medicines, scents and textures that nourish and support growth. Dynamic spaces for movement and moments of rest housing various embodiment practices such as dance, martial arts, and yoga.

A curated library, viewing rooms, lecture halls, and writing studios cultivate knowledge in many forms. Spaces for partner organizations and conference halls will allow collaboration to thrive.

Woven will celebrate the arts with artist studios and recording booths, galleries and performance spaces, to showcase our community's shining stars.

Health is the foundation of all that we do, and our vision would not be complete without community cooking to integrate with the gardens, allowing us to foster nourishment in a holistic, nurturing environment. 



Lunar Eclipse

What we do

WOVEN creates Transformative Experiences.

Intentional Gatherings, Integrated Workshops, and Immersive Installations.

What we do
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Brewing Tea


WOVEN Gatherings foster cultural exchange and self exploration. We engage multiple senses to learn from one another. We feel the strength of diversity by expanding our world views through shared experiences.



A WOVEN Workshop is a place to learn a skill in relation to the whole. Lessons are not taught in isolation, but rather integrate ways that our beings and our environment are affected by and affect the skill at hand.



WOVEN develops awe-inspiring multi-sensory experiences for our community. Through immersive art installations and exhibits, we create opportunities to learn with the heart, transforming through feeling.

Color Stain

Core Values

This is an evolving list of the values that guide our individual behaviors and our organizational decision-making. Core values are revisited, discussed, and amended so they remain a faithful reflection of what people in our organization live and believe in.

Authenticity is the quality of being true or real. With this in mind, we honor the whole self--all aspects of an individual.

Through weaving communities together, we foster a sense of belonging and create opportunities for connection, learning, and transformation.

Curiosity opens the door to new ways of being.  We welcome opportunities to expand from singular to multi-dimensional perspectives and to seek what lies beyond the horizon toward the goal of shifting existing realities.. We explore and learn with humility and without judgement.

Transformative Justice
Recognizing our Interdependence, we reflect on and Process our relationships to power, privilege, and oppression. We aspire to actualize a world where all people feel safe, heard, loved, celebrated, and empowered.

We trust the Process as an opportunity for creative exploration, learning, and transformation, with full acknowledgement that Process is nonlinear, complex, and sometimes messy. Our work-in-process requires sensing and responding so outcomes are emergent and authentic.

Compassion is the tool for turning fear into love.  By cultivating the practice of compassion toward self and others, we are united by our movement toward actualizing wholeness.

Through reciprocal relationships between partners, individuals, and Woven, we actualize wholeness. We value the experience and knowledge our partner organizations and weavers bring. Shared leadership is harmony.

We align and realign with personal truth through reflection, accountability, and grace. Integrity guides our actions.

Multi-sensory Engagement
To be fully engaged, we must awaken and nourish all of our senses.  When all of the senses are awakened, one experiences a new relationship with the subtleties of life and wholeness is remembered. 

We recognize our responsibility to restore and maintain harmony. Through service and with gratitude, we tend our relationships with the Earth and all living beings.

Diverse Unity
We acknowledge, honor, and value the breadth of diversity in every aspect of life. Each perspective, path, and experience is an integral part of the whole.
Core Values

Equity, Inclusivity

& Anti-Opression

Because oppression exists and is a barrier to wholeness and wellbeing, Woven is dedicated to working with anti-oppression practices across the organization. Woven is led by staff and volunteers who intentionally and continuously strive to promote an inclusive organizational culture that values all dimensions of diversity. 

We aim to transform oppressive behaviors in ourselves so we can engage in healthy relationships and create inclusive systems. We aim to uplift and center people who are historically oppressed, including people of color, women, trans and queer folks, immigrants, and other marginalized groups. We aim to support all Woven participants in committing to a life-long journey of personal and social transformative justice. 

We are on a journey to become an anti-racist, multicultural organization that actively opposes racism. We do this by exploring inherited belief systems and the ways in which those beliefs impact our relationships and manifest in social systems and structures. 

Woven does not tolerate oppressive behavior. In situations where harmful behavior occurs, Woven staff and volunteers will support an inclusive approach to restoration of relationships, engaging with restorative practices whenever possible. Woven acknowledges that each situation is unique and, when harm has been caused, restoration of relationships is sometimes not possible or appropriate.


Wings of Wisdom

Our ancestors. Those who have acquired the wisdom of a particular lesson through lived experience.  External wisdom keepers.


Our multi-dimensional organisms intelligence

and knowing.  The most authentic truth in the present moment.

Elemental Alchemy 

Convening with the Earth’s matter to create a change in form or cause a transmutation in one's being. Fire, plant medicine, water…


The act of bringing the essence of life ~Spirit ~ into form. Music, art….


An aspect and important tool for understanding, often is of the mind.  


Sustenance that we take in that replenishes and sustains us. Our beings response or feeling after fulfilling a longing or emptiness.

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