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Sacred Dance May 2022

Updated: May 12, 2022

The word “sacred” can evoke many meanings and feelings when we hear it. For some it links to traditional understandings of religion and ritual, for others it conjures feelings of a nameless holiness associated with places in nature or a sensation of great peace. The experience is as varied as our human individuality yet shares an overlapping influence in the places we relate to each other and our place in the universe. For Woven, sacredness is rooted in authenticity and interconnectedness. Authenticity is one of our core principles which we define as “the quality of being true or real.” Authenticity is not about being palatable or surface-pretty, it means being vulnerable, raw, brave, and connected to one’s inner truth. And…we recognize that there aren’t many places in modern Western life where this kind of expression is welcome or honored. We often find ourselves in places where rawness and realness are the last thing we feel we can bring into a group. Woven believes it is necessary to find spaces where individuals are able to express our whole selves and be held with generosity and care. By holding space for our authenticity together, we are interconnected with the greater whole that is our shared humanity.

Sacred Dance is explicitly a space for this kind of somatic truth-telling. Dancers are invited to expand fully, to take up space and bring our whole selves to each movement, not as a performance to be judged but as an authentic

expression of that sacredness that exists inside each of us, our most sincere truth. There is no wrong or right way to dance in this space, there is only you, and you are worthy and welcome.

Click here to purchase your ticket to this special event being held May 27th from 6-9pm.

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