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 Sacred Dance Gathering

Friday May 27th: 6-9pm - SOLD OUT

SACRED DANCE (10 × 16 in) (1).png

Please join us for WOVEN's first Sacred Dance Gathering, set to be held days before the upcoming New Moon.

Sacred Dance is an experience of personal connection through the inspired movement of your body. Using a curated playlist designed to allow varied ways of movement, participants can feel safe to tap into somatic experiences in a supportive container. While we gather in a group to share space, each participant is invited to dance their own journey, with the sole focus on using their intuition to move however their body is inspired. We release the feelings of needing to move "beautifully" and tap into raw, connected, and expressive movement. This dance container is unique in that we emphasize not dancing with others so that everyone can have a sacred and special time to dance with themselves. 

6-6:30pm. Arrival & Settling in

6:30pm  Opening Circle (must be here by this time)

7-8:30pm  Dance

8:30-9pm Closing Circle

Facilitation of the dance by Jessica Huntington & Helene Krothe.

Music for this event is being curated by DJ FireHawk. 


Beverage nourishment is being provided by Chocolate Alchemy and Blue Lotus Chai.

We are excited about the location of this event. We've been asked to keep the location private. Once you complete your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you with the location and driving directions. We can share that the site is past the Spencer Creek Grange, just off Loraine highway. 


What makes Sacred Dance "sacred"? Please check out our recent blog post to read more. 

Sliding Scale Guidelines


Consider paying MORE THAN FULL PRICE if you/your family has:

  • the ability to comfortably meet all of your basic needs.

  • investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money.

  • regular access to healthcare and health insurance.

  • providers who are employed or do not need to work to meet the families needs.

  • ownership of your home and a vehicle.

  • the resources to take an annual vacation or time off from work.


Consider paying FULL PRICE if you/your family has:

  • the ability to meet all of our basic needs.

  • the ability to pay all essential monthly bills and loans.

  • access to healthcare, and employer health insurance and/or other employer benefits.

  • reliable housing and transportation.

  • providers who have reliable employment.

  • the resources to take a vacation every few years without financial burden.


Consider paying LESS THAN FULL PRICE if you/your family has:

  • difficulty covering basic expenses.

  • significant debt that prevents basic needs from being met.

  • medical care, bills and/or expenses not covered by insurance.

  • unstable housing and/or limited access to reliable transportation.

  • a provider who is unemployed or under-employed.

  • eligibility for public assistance including food stamps, health care and/or subsidized/free school lunches.

  • not taken a vacation or time off due to the financial burden.

We are SOLD OUT of tickets for this event. We'd love to have you join for our next gathering so be sure to join our Mailing List or Follow us on Instagram to catch announcements for upcoming events!

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