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Knowing and Knowledge

There is knowing, and there is knowledge. Knowing is something we are born with, a verb, beyond the mind, embodied, remembered. As we move through the existential world, we also encounter “Knowledge” - tools, skills, instructions - a resource that can have many meanings in society. Some see knowledge as riches to be hoarded, restricted to those who pass through guarded gates. Some see it strictly as an accumulation of data to be recorded and analyzed. We at WOVEN see knowledge as a resource available to all from many sources and grounded in a knowing experienced by the mind, body, and spirit. Knowledge is another of WOVEN’s foundational principles and its value lies in the invitation to move from ignorance to awareness. Ultimately, from informed awareness we are more able to build connection, belonging, and inclusivity.

WOVEN believes that most of us inherently would rather help than harm and that we “do better when we know better.” Too often we fail to help and be helped because we simply lack the tools. When we are given those tools our natural instinct of empathy is activated and understanding is possible. Because WOVEN is rooted in community-based work, we recognize that we will inevitably encounter trauma, whether individual suffering or collective trauma. In order to compassionately and effectively support each other and our community, we are seeking tools to help us nurture one another. One such tool is to become trauma-informed: a model of being and communicating that is rooted in trust, safety, mutuality, empowerment, peer support, and cultural awareness. A trauma-informed perspective allows us to care for ourselves and our fellow humans in our actions, behaviors, and daily lives.

This month the WOVEN community invites you to join us in learning as we host our first Trauma Healing Workshop with The Trauma Healing Project, beloved and highly-regarded experts in recovering from trauma and supporting trauma-affected people. Please click here to purchase your ticket for this thoughtful and illuminating virtual workshop.

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