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Reunión (virtual): Douglas Cardinal World Views Talk

GRABACIÓN DISPONIBLE: lunes 30 de agosto - lunes 6 de septiembre

Alexandra "Ahlay" Blakely (she/her) is a song carrier remembering that which was meant to be forgotten in her lineages: song technology as connective tissues of the communal body. She blends song, body percussion, dance, stillness, breath & silence with the deepest intention to support others in remembering their inherent birthright to singing and rhythm.

Ahlay teaches easy-to-learn songs in an acappella style and the group echos them back. The songs sung have come directly through Ahlay. They are sung collectively as invitations to move stagnated emotions in the body and to be in our bodies as we notice what arises for us as we sing together.

These songs are swirls of spells for cracking open, falling humbly to our knees and cultivating more access to the conversations our souls are aching to have with us about their most intimate longings. 


Singing in Ahlay's container invokes connection that can serve as a catalyst to discuss + sit with taboo topics in our culture and movements for collective liberation. We sing to shame, courage, for breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma and to be ready for these times we are living in, all while sending these song-beings in ripples through to the ancient and future ones. 

Pre-Registration is required. See below. 

To learn more about Ahlay, start here. Remember to come back so we can sing together.

Tickets sold at door only

See you soon! 

Sliding Scale Guidelines

We offer a sliding scale so our programs can be accessible to people with various financial capacities. We acknowledge that economic landscapes are highly variable and dynamic. A fee that is accessible to one person can be a barrier for someone else. And what is accessible to someone in this moment may not be in a future moment. 

Please thoughtfully consider the guidelines below and apply your current needs and resources. We honor your personal choice about your own capacity at this moment in time. 

Consider choosing Sustainer or Supporter ticket option if you/your family has:

  • the ability to comfortably meet all of your basic needs.

  • investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money.

  • regular access to healthcare and health insurance.

  • providers who are employed or do not need to work to meet the families needs.

  • ownership of your home and a vehicle.

  • the resources to take an annual vacation or time off from work.

* In addition to covering the cost of this event, you are contributing to WOVEN's ability to offer flexible fee options that remove barriers to participation for some of our community members


Consider choosing General or Generous Admission if you/your family has:

  • the ability to meet all of our basic needs.

  • the ability to pay all essential monthly bills and loans.

  • access to healthcare, and employer health insurance and/or other employer benefits.

  • reliable housing and transportation.

  • providers who have reliable employment.

  • the resources to take a vacation every few years without financial burden.

* This covers the cost of this community offering, including fairly compensating our artists. Woven is an all-volunteer-run organization. 


Consider choosing Community Supported, Work Trade**, or request  a scholarship if you/your family has:

  • difficulty covering basic expenses.

  • significant debt that prevents basic needs from being met.

  • medical care, bills and/or expenses not covered by insurance.

  • unstable housing and/or limited access to reliable transportation.

  • a provider who is unemployed or under-employed.

  • eligibility for public assistance including food stamps, health care and/or subsidized/free school lunches.

  • not taken a vacation or time off due to the financial burden.

** If you are unable to be in reciprocity with this offering through a financial contribution, we recognize there are other forms of reciprocity. We have a need for volunteers to help set up and break down before/after this event. Please contact us if you are interested in this option or scholarship options. 

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. 


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