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Wings of Wisdom

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

In our last post, we introduced you to one of WOVEN’s foundational principles: embodiment. Another core principle is something we call “wings of wisdom.” This term refers to both the inner wisdom keeper that each individual carries as well as the external influences we encounter throughout our community from teachers in our work and our relationships. These guides share their knowledge and lived experience in ways that enrich us through broadening our perspectives. This constantly growing collection of knowing and experience can be envisioned as a pair of wings enfolding our organization and community as we continue to learn, reflect, and create.

Our recent event with Indigenous Architect and Anishnaabe Elder, Douglas Cardinal, was an opportunity to learn more about an Indigenous worldview in contrast to the dominant worldview many of us are familiar with. Douglas speaks directly to issues like climate change with the perspective of traditional knowledge and practice. In his recent talk one of the core beliefs he shared was that “nature provides”--the notion that nature is the antidote to the ills we face. Humans are powerful beings with the means to re-balance that which we have disrupted. Teachings like this allow us to radically challenge the temptation of despair or hopelessness that can often engulf individuals and societies and invite us to look outside of toxic binaries to more complex and whole visions of possibility.

Douglas is an inspiration to WOVEN and we are grateful for his willingness to share his knowledge from the Anishnaabe Elders with a wider audience through his talk. We also hold deep respect and gratitude for giving WOVEN a practice of non-hierarchical decision-making that we have embedded in the heart of our processes. In this way we are actively using the wisdom shared with us to make decisions, vision our future, and uplift and amplify the voices of these wisdom-keepers with the broader community. We will continue to host teaching events and discussions like this from many voices and look forward to having you with us on this journey.

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