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Denfinity Dance Studio

1325 Jefferson St.

Sunday July 7 12:00pm - 4:89*

Through clowning we reinvent our relationship to failure, increase self expression, normalize play as adults, and increase vulnerability and the willingness to take risks. We will learn about the clown archetype, bring mindfulness to our present state and discuss any barriers to play we might have. We will move into group exercises that allow dramatic expression to unfold and reach a state where we embrace confusion, bringing about permission and liberation for ourselves and each other.

This workshop is for Professionals, Recovering Perfectionists, Introverts, Activists, People with Coulrophobia, Disrupters/Tricksters.

We aim for participants to come away with a deeper connection to their emotional body and confidence in disrupting social structures.

Facilitated by Aislynn Blair

Sidekick: Jessica Land

*we will conclude between 4:30 & 5pm

Scholarships available, contact

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning
-Diane Ackerman

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