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Workshop (virtual): Trauma Healing

Thursday Oct 7 @ 5:30pm - 8:30pm


WOVEN is excited to host this workshop lead by The Trauma Healing Project. The Trauma Healing Project is a local nonprofit in Eugene Oregon who envisions a vibrant and connected community where anyone impacted by violence, abuse or other trauma receives the support and attention they need to fully recover and to reach their highest potential. They work with community members, professionals and organizations to raise awareness and to identify, develop, support and promote many options for healing and for preventing trauma.


In this very interactive workshop we will cover the prevalence and impact of trauma on individuals, organizations and communities. Information gained from local survivors on what happened, what hurt, what helped and how to be better supporters of healing will be presented. We will cover practical ways to prevent further trauma and to support and promote healing, including ways to address stages of grief and emotional regulation.


Participants will identify, learn and practice strategies they can use in their personal and professional lives to support survivors and build resilience, and to support the health and well-being of staff and organizations serving survivors of trauma. 

Sliding Scale Guidelines


Consider paying MORE THAN FULL PRICE if you/your family has:

  • the ability to comfortably meet all of your basic needs.

  • investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money.

  • regular access to healthcare and health insurance.

  • providers who are employed or do not need to work to meet the families needs.

  • ownership of your home and a vehicle.

  • the resources to take an annual vacation or time off from work.


Consider paying FULL PRICE if you/your family has:

  • the ability to meet all of our basic needs.

  • the ability to pay all essential monthly bills and loans.

  • access to healthcare, and employer health insurance and/or other employer benefits.

  • reliable housing and transportation.

  • providers who have reliable employment.

  • the resources to take a vacation every few years without financial burden.


Consider paying LESS THAN FULL PRICE if you/your family has:

  • difficulty covering basic expenses.

  • significant debt that prevents basic needs from being met.

  • medical care, bills and/or expenses not covered by insurance.

  • unstable housing and/or limited access to reliable transportation.

  • a provider who is unemployed or under-employed.

  • eligibility for public assistance including food stamps, health care and/or subsidized/free school lunches.

  • not taken a vacation or time off due to the financial burden.

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