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Conversations on Communal Grieving

We understand that each person’s ideal supportive grief space is unique to them, and changeable. There is not one “correct” way to grieve and there will not be a one-shape-fits-all space for holding grief. 

We want to hear from as many people as possible:

How do you envision communal spaces for shared grieving? 

What does our community need, to support authentic expressions of grief? 


Available now

Everyone is welcome to contribute their perspective here. And, please share the survey with others.

We value the gift of your experience. 


Dates TBD

based on interest

Being together in physical space allows for a more multi-sensory approach to inquiry. We will engage in individual reflection, whole-group process, and small-group dialogue. 

Shared agreements set the tone to hear from all who wish to contribute. We will move between the main space and breakout rooms as we explore responses to the guiding questions. 


Dates TBD

based on interest

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